Trex Rain Escape

Trex Rain Escape works the best

Don’t let a little rain spoil your party. Trex RainEscape allows you to enjoy outdoor living no matter what mother nature has to offer. You can create outdoor spaces you never thought possible. With Trex RainEscape, you can now install TVs, speakers, ceiling fans, and more without worry. Easiest to use system, install prior to placing the decking, allows a variety of surfaces to be installed under your deck, Keep the rain and the sun at bay. We're the deck drainage experts Contact Us with your questions. This is the product the professional installers at The Deck Store use.

Trex has an online calculator to quickly figure how much product a simple rectangular deck would require.

Use Trex's Rain Escape Calculator | View Trex Rain Escape Installation Videos

Simple Trick - Add one of each of the RainEscape items to a shopping cart then copy and paste the values based on the answers provided by the Trex calculator to get the final cost, if you add your city and zip info, shipping costs, if any, will also be added. Still not sure what to do? Contact The Deck Store. We are here to help you plan your project. RainEscape troughs also make excellent kick-out flashing when used in conjunction with other deck drainage systems, use it to divert water from the cantilevered section back to the main system so only one gutter section needs to be applied.