Regal Aluminum Railing

Regal Aluminum Deck Railing Selection Guide

Regal Ideas provides a wide range of innovative products designed to make life easier for home owners and make business sense for contractors. Regal Ideas started with one product line years ago – Regal Aluminum Railing. Today, Regal Railing is the largest selling brand of aluminum railing in North America. The reason is simple – they created a product that is easy to install that lasts a long time with little or no maintenance. Regal Railing is the only code approved system for all jurisdictions in North America. Regal Quick-Step Aluminum Stair Stringers make adding stairs to a deck a breeze, and Regal Rail LED lighting makes any deck stand out. Regal LED Deck Lighting is the perfect match for Regal Railing.

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  1. Regal Railing Posts
    As low as $68.99
  2. Regal Railing 4x4 Posts
    As low as $143.99
  3. Regal Railing Post Caps
    As low as $5.99
  4. Regal Railing Base Plate Cover for 4" Posts
    As low as $25.99
  5. Regal Railing Post Base Cover
    As low as $12.99
  6. 10' & 12' Top & Bottom Rails by Regal
    As low as $217.99
  7. Top & Bottom Rails by Regal
    As low as $132.99
  8. Regal Railing Continuous Stair Top and Bottom Rail
    As low as $242.99
  9. Regal Picket Mounting Bracket Set
    As low as $4.99
  10. Pickets For Regal Railing
    As low as $77.99
  11. Regal Railing Side Mount Post Bracket
    As low as $37.99
  12. Regal Railing Hand Rail Cap
    As low as $13.99
  13. Regal Railing Stair Rail Support Leg
    As low as $7.99
  14. Regal Railing Decorative Circle
    As low as $6.99
  15. Regal Railing 2-1/2" Lag Screws
    As low as $19.99
  16. Regal Railing Top and Bottom Post Brackets
    As low as $26.99
  17. Regal Railing Wall Bracket
    As low as $26.99
  18. Regal Railing Universal Angle Bracket
    As low as $54.99
  19. Regal Railing Hand Rail Bracket
    As low as $25.99
Set Descending Direction

45 items

per page