Flashing & Tape

Flashing Tape is a self-adhered flashing that adds to the protection of the metal or plastic flashing on a ledger board (the point where the deck connects to the house). Metal and Plastic Flashing is a solid preformed item shaped to fit on the top of the ledger. The Flashing Tape can be used alone or in conjunction with solid flashing.

It is important to protect the walls behind, and above the ledger as best as possible to prevent water intrusion. Don't forget to address the areas on the sides and bottom also. It is very important that the water you are diverting can find a way to escape or drip away, don't trap the water (Dam it up) using caulk, there needs to be a clear opening for the water to be diverted away from the ledger. The improper installation of flashing can be as bad as not having any flashing at all.

• Stops air and moisture leaks around windows and doors
• Seals deck ledgers from water intrusion.
• Tape can be installed and left exposed for up to 120 days without UV degradation
• These are the most aggressive adhesive on the market
• Self seals around nails and screws
• Adheres to plywood, OSB, foam, metal, aluminum, and masonry

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