From bolts to screws here you will find the best deck fasteners in their class

Hidden fasteners offers have expanded almost as fast as we can add them, every manufacturer seems to have a product designed to fit just for their product. There are many different types of deck fasteners, deck screws, and deck clips now.

Before you select any fastener to apply your new decking, be sure check the ESR or CCRR report for the brand decking you plan to install and verify it is allowed to be used with the hidden fastener you select don't risk voiding the warranty. Just because a fastener manufacturer wants you to use their fasteners doesn't mean the manufacturer of the decking does.

The ESR is one of the standardized reports that a building inspector will use to verify you have installed your decking as intended. Not all decking manufacturers will take the time to get the proper ESR or CCRR reports. TIP: Avoid using or installing untested products.

Want more information about what an ESR report is? Google the name of a popular brand decking combined with the search term ESR. Example: "ESR major brand" and see this important information for yourself.

Not all products are compatible with all fasteners. Believe it or not, some manufacturers recommend a specific hidden fastener in their marketing materials yet the ESR the technical support department provides says that hidden fasteners are not the suggested method of installation for their product.

Have a question about a particular fastener, or decking that we offer? Contact Us and we will do our best to get you the answer.

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  1. TOPLoc Face Fastening System For Azek
    As low as $125.99
  2. Starborn Cap-Tor xd Epoxy Coated Color Matched Composite Deck Screws
    As low as $53.99
  3. Starborn Deckfast Epoxy Coated Fascia Screws for Fiberon
    As low as $16.99
  4. Cortex Collated Hidden Fasteners For Azek Decking
    As low as $142.99
  5. Cortex Concealed Fasteners for Trex Fascia
    As low as $73.99
  6. DeckWise Metal Joist Self-Tapping #7 Deck Screws
    As low as $17.14
Set Descending Direction

180 items

per page