Trex Transcend Composite Decking

Take everyday activities outside, and they stop feeling everyday. There's a freedom to being outside. You can laugh louder. Go barefoot. Doze off in the sunlight. In a word, relax. The maintenance problems that come with wood decks don't come with Trex. So your time is spent relaxing on your deck, not working on it.

Trex®, the nation's largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing and trim products, is building even stronger brand awareness and product demand within the trade channel - as evidenced by the receipt of several recent recognitions from respected publications aimed at builders, contractors and other industry professionals.

  • Trex doesn't weaken over time the way wood does.
  • Maintains its high quality and value for years to come.
  • Trex offers a 25-year limited residential warranty on all its products.
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  1. Trex Transcend Decking
    As low as $76.99
  2. Trex Transcend Fascia
    As low as $83.99
  3. Trex Transcend 2” Square Edge Board
    As low as $97.99
  4. Trex Transcend Composite Decking Samples
    As low as $0.00
  5. Deck Fascia Corner Guard & Seam Guard
    As low as $24.99
  6. Collated Cortex for Trex Transcend by FastenMaster
    As low as $88.99
  7. Trex Replacement Plugs by Cortex
    As low as $14.99
  8. FastenMaster TrapEase Fascia Screws For Trex
    As low as $76.99
  9. Trex Fascia Corner Guards
    As low as $19.99
  10. Cortex Concealed Fasteners for Trex Fascia
    As low as $73.99
  11. Deckfast Epoxy Coated Fascia Screws for Trex
    As low as $26.99
  12. FastenMaster TrapEase 3 Color Matched Composite Deck Screws
    As low as $18.99
  13. Cortex Concealed Fasteners for Trex
    As low as $75.99
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18 Items

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